Highstreet Fraser Valley

SHAPE Management runs our operating properties with a future-focused approach and a rigorous level of detail. The team is closely involved in every SHAPE project before, during and after development. This ensures that one cohesive vision is carried through from development, planning, design and leasing through to property management when a project is complete.

Commercial Property Management

We manage our properties with a continuous pursuit of innovation. From the condition of our physical spaces to the level of service provided by our team, we actively seek opportunities to raise the standard for excellence and experience. This ensures that our properties remain culturally relevant for the future of retail.

Residential Property Management

Our team is committed to creating an effortless and enjoyable experience for all residents. Our properties are meticulously managed with a mandate to prevent issues before they arise. Through open communication, attentive service and a robust operations framework, we strive to make life easy for our valued citizens.