We are Owners and Advisors

Our teams are trained to offer expertise in their fields and collaborate across disciplines. This enables us to add value in a specialized capacity or through our comprehensive real estate program.

Equity Participation: SHAPE is a co-owner in many of our largest projects where we apply our integrated real estate program along with compliance and reporting for our ownership partners.

Advisory Services: SHAPE specializes in the redevelopment of existing assets into master planned destinations. We provide a full spectrum of advisory services to third party clients across retail, residential and mixed-use projects.

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Our integrated service framework

Shape Properties  

  • Commercial Development Management
  • Commercial Asset Management
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Mortgage Broker Services

Shape Living  

  • Residential Development Management
  • Residential Asset Management
  • Homeowner Care

Spectrum Project Services  

  • Planning and Design
  • Construction Services

Shape Marketing  

  • New Development Sales and Marketing
  • Commercial Marketing

Shape Management  

  • Commercial Property Management
  • Residential Property Management

Shape Holdings  

  • Equity Participation and Ownership